Autumn handcraft with kids


Don’t feel down because summer is over and the days are shorter! For kids autumn can be the best season, with its changing leaves, lovely weather, pumpkins and lot of family fun, like making autumn handicrafts.

You don’t need to spend lots of money in special shops, as you can get all you need from nature. While taking an autumn walk with your kids, you can find colourful leaves, acorns, chestnuts and more.

Let’s go back to being kids ourselves and enjoy this fun. Our kids will definitely enjoy it: no question!

Just let your and your kids’ fantasy go wild; here are some tips.

– Leaf drawing:

autumn handcraft with kids hedgehog

This is the most obvious autumn craft, and one of the best. We draw the basic line, like the head of a hedgehog, the contour of an owl or a clown, the leg of a chicken and so on. The rest you can create with your leaves and with your imagination.

– Painting leaves:

autumn handcraft with kids leaf

Autumn leaves have wonderful colours and we can make beautiful composition with them. But we can also have some fun making rainbow-coloured leaves or convert our leaf into a sweet little insect.

We need only some leaves, some tempera paint and our fantasy.

– Chestnut animals:

autumn handcraft with children

I think this is one of the favourite autumn crafts for all ages. For the easiest ones, we need only chestnuts, matches or toothpicks; for the more complicated ones, we should use a knife and other materials like, glue, fur, wool, etc.

We can make the traditional ones, like a chestnut man, dog or horse, but we can also make almost anything with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

– Cork printed autumn composition:


This is a very easy and quick autumn handicraft with children, and thanks to Dad we always have cork at home.J

We simply need to paint the tree or bush on our paper, then dip the cork into the nice autumn colours paints and start printing all over until your tree and bush is full of colours.

– Pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern:


Carving pumpkins is getting more and more popular in Europe among families with kids. Children enjoy the process of making it and it can be lovely family fun.

For cutting and carving, we may need the help of Dad, but kids can draw where to make the pumpkin’s eyes and mouth.

This is a very good step-by-step guide to it; you simply need to follow the instructions and enjoy the result on dark autumn evenings:


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